The #agendanatura collects dates and events related to the organic products and producers. It has calendars of different kinds of crops and useful information about the organic farming world. All this accompanied by drawings, recipes, routes for finding mushrooms and exiting experiences stories. This project, developed by Marc Casabosh and published by Cossetània Edicions, is committed to be a different kind of agenda. An agenda in which is fun to interact and to be a memory object after used. Above all, is meant to be an inspirational element for an ecological type of life. The agenda title includes a “#” so that the user is encouraged to share on the networks, their experiences related to nature. Printed on recycled offset paper, two languages ​​with black ink change. Each language has a different cover color. Hardcover with cleft.


El tíutlo de esta agenda especial se presenta con un # para que podamos compartir nuestras experiencias relacionadas con aquello que se propone. Numerosos eventos y datos ecológicos interesantes acompañados de dibujos y buen rollo.

Este proyecto, pensado por Marc Casabosh y llevado a cabo por Cossetània Edicions, apuesta por una agenda diferente. Una agenda en la que sea divertido escribir, que sea un elemento de recuerdo una vez que haya caducado.

Impreso en papel offset reciclado y en dos idiomas con cambio de tinta negra; catalán y castellano. Cada idioma tiene un color de cubierta distinto. Tapa dura con endido.